Find Pain Relief with Float Therapy

Floating evokes a natural relaxation response, easing stress and anxiety, but it can also provide multiple benefits to ease your pain.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in five American adults report suffering from chronic pain, and nearly one in 10 experience high-impact chronic pain, meaning it’s severe enough to limit at least one major life activity. While pain medications can help, they can also harm, as we’ve so often seen in the headlines through rampant addiction.

The better news is that you’re likely to find natural relief for your pain, chronic or otherwise, through float therapy. While its benefits have only recently come into the spotlight, float tanks have been around since the 1950s. Floating evokes a natural relaxation response, easing stress and anxiety while calming the nervous system as you restfully float at the water’s surface in total stillness and silence, feeling light and peaceful, exerting no effort to stay afloat. Not only is it a wonderful feeling you’ll likely want to enjoy again and again, it can provide multiple benefits to ease your pain.

Floating Eases Stress on Joints and Muscles

The reason you can float effortlessly during floatation therapy is that nearly a thousand pounds of Epsom salt is dissolved into the water to create a nearly zero gravity environment. That eases the stress on joints and muscles, taking pressure of them to alleviate stiffness and tension, naturally relieving pain.

Floating Reduces Inflammation through Epsom Salt

As the body is in a totally relaxed state, floating at Art of Floating helps to reduce cortisol levels - a hormone that’s released during a stressful situation. When your cortisol levels are high, it can lead to weight gain, digestive problems, a weaker immune response and other negative effects on bodily functions.

Work related stress can be just one of the causes of elevated cortisol levels. Spending eight or more hours at the office or stressing about work related issues can lead to health related problems in the near future. Get a head start on living healthy with a float at Art of Floating.

Floating Accelerates Healing

Endorphins are those “feel-good” hormones that are released during exercise, when having sex, eating chocolate, laughing, meditating and other activities, including floating. Those endorphins not only can boost your mood, but if you’re experiencing any discomfort - it can minimize it to help you perform better at work – a great way to relieve stress on the job. We all know that when we’re happy and feeling good, we produce better work. Start the work week with a float, and feel good about your work week.

Floating Provides the Brain a Much-Needed Break from Stimulation

Floating an Art of Floating helps to clear the mind – a clear mind is not only healthier, but more productive, allowing you to remain focused on any goal, including finishing work-related tasks. Have you ever gone for a long run to clear your head? Floating provides a similar experience, albeit without raising your heart rate. When you remove yourself from everything going on in your world, focusing on your breathing and the wonderful sensations of floating, you can say goodbye to that work-related stress, thinking clearly once again so that you can see the bigger picture and even reduce the chances of future events maximizing your stress levels. Need to clear your head for that big work-related project due at the end of the month? Try a float at Art of Floating and find inspiration and new creative ideas.

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